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Bugs in Vegetables


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Bugs in Vegetables

mushroomaffairs | Feb 26, 2013 06:43 PM

Just curious, what and if you've ever found a bug(s) in store or market bought vegetables or other items?

A couple of weeks ago I found a ladybug in some parsley I had purchased from a Fairway grocery store. It was already dead, but as I was pulling more of the parsley apart, a small healthy looking caterpillar dropped out. It was the exact same light green color as the stems and the idea that I could have chopped it up and eaten it haunts me.

And last summer I bought corn from a farmer's market, when I got home and started to pull the husks off, I found a dark brown worm trapped in the silk in one of them. Thinking I could have squished it in my hand still haunts me also, lol.

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