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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Overblown

StriperGuy | Dec 29, 200911:55 AM

Well, tried another of the nouveau old-timey American whiskeys, Buffalo Trace. Distillery has been around forever, but this bottling born out of whole cloth in 1999.


Like many of these new bottlings I find it overblown, over-flavored, over-oaked and too, too sweet.

I feel if you had served someone a bottle of this, like the Rittenhouse 100 Rye I tried recently, in an old west saloon (that they are trying so desperately to emulate with these faux-old-timey overdone bottlings) they would have whacked you on the head for trying to serve them sasparilla or some such other confounded sweet girlie drink.

Booze should taste like booze, not caramel, not too much like a barrel, perhaps a little taste of the grain used to make it, and booze, did I mention booze.

On that note I will return to my Jim Beam white label, my Wild Turkey, my Old Overholt, etc.

Been meaning to track down some of the Wild Turkey Rye, but it is a bit hard to find in Boston...

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