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Buffalo Thanks!

Dommy! | Mar 31, 200502:48 PM

Thanks to those who gave me some great ideas on what to do with my ground buffalo! I prepared it last night and used your and past ideas to create some YUMMY things...

First up, I used about quarter of the 1lb to make a hamburger. This was my first experience with Buffalo and I found the texture VERY soft. I actually had a hard time making an even patty (As it didn't seem to have that STICK, that ground Chuck has... ) And for that reason, I didn't want to mess with the texure further by adding chopped Bacon as per the original post. So, Instead, I took a flat griddle (I don't have a BBQ) and laid two half slices of thick uncured apple wood smoked bacon side by side. And then placed the buffalo meat patty on top of that, flipping both on occassion, but always having the patty on top of the bacon.

This allowed the bacon to remain flat as it cooked and the patty to soak up some of its juices. Further, it added a buffer for the heat, so I was able to create a perfect medium rare witout too much drying on the outside!! I garnished the Burger and bacon with caramelized onions and some wonderful creamy sheeps milk blue cheese all on a whole wheat bun. It was a good dinner!

I then mixed the rest with some ground beef to make the CI's Bacon wrapped meatloaf provided in this post:


Again, the bacon drippings made for a moist and flavorful loaf. I just had the first taste for lunch in the form of a Meatloaf sandwich (Garnished with TJ's Cranberry Mustard!) and it was HEAVENLY... Even better than the burger...

In regards to my opinions on the taste of the Buffalo, yes, there was a smoother 'beef' taste in the hamburger. The Meatload was mostly regular beef, so I didn't detect anything special. This was just a curiousity the had piqued after the Iron Chef episode (My local farmers market has had a vendor touting buffalo for a while now) and while I'm happy how everything turned out, I don't think it's really worth the added expense...

Thanks again for all your help!!


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