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Buenos Aires coffee houses

Rella | May 28, 201210:36 AM

Reading a little bit in a couple of travel books, Eyewitness & Insight, I like the looks of the coffee houses in Buenos Aires. Reminding me a bit of Vienna, Paris, etc.

Just as a starter of conversation, can anyone tell me a couple of things I'm curious about:
simple things about the coffee:

Do they have chalk boards similar to Starbucks here in the U.S. with the confusion names of coffee styles with their sizes. Or are most orderable by menu?

Do many/most of them have just one type of coffee, or are there some coffee houses that one can order by bean variety? (As I've seen years ago in Montreal and Japan.)

Do they supply newspapers? Do many bring books to read? Is it more common to see a table of one person, or two persons?

Do people sit and work on their computers? Do they discourage that?
Or are there internet coffee houses separate for that?
Are there many coffee houses that have wi-fi connection - or whatever that is - 3G?

What is a normal price to pay for a double-shot Americano Espresso - that is if there is that drink in Buenos Aires.

Is there air-conditioning in the coffee houses as a rule?

Is there loud music blaring? If so, are there different patrons for the ones that are blaring certain types of music.

Do 'most' coffee houses serve sandwiches? Do business men/women patronize and/or eat their lunch at the coffee houses on their lunch hours?

I guess I could go on forever about this. I'm just so curious.

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