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What is your budget

Allenkii | Apr 1, 2014 09:25 AM

So, I am reading all these threads about eating on a budget, and I really am wondering what is your budget and where are you located?
I see people quoting some prices here that I would never believe were even real. And while my budget for some might look huge, it actually isn't at all.

So, I budget $125 for groceries for week. 2 people, well eaters. We eat organic, non GMO only and we try and eat healthy. My husband also has issues with gluten, so we eat limited amounts of gluten.

My $125 EXCLUDES all meat. I buy meat in bulk on the farms couple times a year. For side of beef, I believe I paid $6.45 / lb actual weight, and something like $340 for side a pig, and $5.50 / lb of chickens.

To explain why I find this budget hard, here are examples of some of the prices from our Alberta stores:
Dozen Organic eggs – ~$6.75
Organic Butter – ~$10 a stick
Organic apples - $2.50 / lb (cheapest)
2 small sea bream fish - $20 (I remember as I bought it last Saturday)
Organic gluten free bread -$8-10
Organic cucumber - $3-$6 (depending which store has it in stock)

I find fruits and vegetables here (especially organic ones) are ridiculously expensive and our $125 / week budget does not go very far.

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