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simply_victoria | Nov 2, 2005 08:55 AM

Ok, I think this is where we are supposed to put messages about chains.

Anyway, years ago I went to the original Bucca de Bepo in Minneapolis. It was fun and the food wasn't too bad. When the restaurant started to chain out, I was excited. They opened one near me in Detroit, and it was the perfect place to have big birthday's and such. I wasn't a big fan of some of the Italian food in Detroit.

Then I moved down to Dallas, and I have found quite a few good Italian places here. Therefore, I haven't really visited the little Bucca down the road from me. Anyway, last night me and some friends were bored and we decided to go there.

I hadn't been in ages, but I noticed some subtle differences. The menus were no longer on the boards on the walls etc. I asked the waiter about it and he said that Bucca had been bought out by TGI Fridays, and that was one of the big changes. He pointed out all these pictures that were around the place of the founding chef and stuff.

Now, I'm not saying Bucca is the best restaurant on earth, but I have great fear of what TGI Friday's might do to it. Is my fear well founded? Has Friday's ruined other places?

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