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What did Bubbie serve for a pri chadash?

AdinaA | Oct 11, 201112:32 PM

Looking at the array of sapodilla and lychee arrayed in the markets makes me ask, what did Bubbie do?

Seriously. Does anyone know how this worked in the olden days? In Krakow or Fez? There is no one in my family old enough to ask, and I can think of two possibilities.

1.) There was an exotic dried fruit, like dates or figs, that was imported from far away and purchased especially for the second day of the chag.

2.) There was something just coming into season, as pears or apples would have been in Poland at Sukkot, and they waited and ate the first one on the second day.

I know Bubbie didn't serve fresh papaya flown in from Mexico. And I am genuinely curious.

My guess would be that they waited for the second day of a chag to enjoy the first bite of something that was just coming into season, but I would like to know.

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