murray zwerdling | Apr 15, 200603:32 PM

The true bubbele is made in a frying pan with a thin bottom. the reason is that you make this on a low flame. the ingredients are
eggs,butter,matza meal,sugar, water

the size of the product is how much you can handle it.
seperate the eggs I suggest you start with two eggs. In one bowl put the yolks and add some sugar,and a teaspoon of water along with a dob of butter, mix these up with a fork, spoon or beater. after they have been mixed now you beat the whites until they are stiff. Meanwhile warm up the frying pan put some butter in and let it melt. now fold the whites into the yellows and also add two table spoons of matza meal gently as you fold. then pour the mixture into the frying pan and as the sides become brown put some butter to keep from sticking. You have to check the bottom of the pan to see if it has browned now you must flip. The trick is to hold the pan and get under the bubbele and turn . when brown take out and sprinkle with sugar and serve coffee.this is a bubbele

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