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Brussel Sprouts.. My final frontier?

purple goddess | Jun 11, 2008 07:49 PM

I hates 'em.

Served too often in my childhood, over cooked, in water with bicarb in it (to preserve the colour, no less!)

It's Winter down here in OZ... and the shops are full of them.

I recently read this blog post:


And thought it MIGHT be do-able.

Recent discussion at the water cooler here at work has revealed a sprout aficionado in the office, who is begging me to try them.

I have never turned down food before. I may not alway like what I am served, but I will always give it a red hot go.

So give me yer best recipes involving what I have previously described as "the vegetable spawn of Satan"...

And also tips to get over my instant nausea at even contemplating eating a sprout...

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