Brushed stainless steel vs. shiny exterior finish


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Brushed stainless steel vs. shiny exterior finish

maria9527 | Dec 27, 2012 08:02 PM

What are your thoughts on brushed versus shiny exterior finishes?
I have never owned brushed stainless steel and would like to know your thoughts.

I was in a cookware store today and asked the sales associate her thoughts and her answer seemed counter-intuitive and based on conjecture. She said that brushed would show the scratches more and be more difficult to care for. My thinking was that the brushed SS would be more forgiving because it does not have a mirror-like finish and therefore doesn't show scratches as readily.

I have only ever cooked with shiny (and seriously use and abuse my pots to no end, never use Bartenders Friend - the blasphemy!). My All-Clad entry level pots are full of scratches but it may be because I don't baby them, which is fine with me -- life is too short to spend it polishing dishes. If I add some new pots, however, I'd like to 'maintain' them better or at least buy cookware that can withstand my abuse.

P.S. If you have a photo of a well-used brushed SS pot exterior, I'd love to see how it has fared.

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