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Brunch suggestions...

sprout | May 8, 2006 05:23 PM

I volunteered to make brunch this Sunday for 10 family members. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for what I could make. I'd like to do as much as possible ahead of time. Definitely a fruit salad (this is good to do the night before and let marinate, right?). Then I want to make some sort of coffee cake or muffin, and probably something eggy and savory (a frittata perhaps?).

A couple of challenges... First off, I usually cook for 1, 2 people at most. My mom will be on hand to assist, but yeah... Mother's Day and all... So things that are easy to make in quantity would be great.

I am working on Saturday, so will only have the late afternoon/evening for prep and baking. I also have all day Friday and will probably do shopping then. I know some things are just better warm. Maybe it would be best to mix up dry ingredients and bake that morning? My oven is not very reliable and the oven where I'm going to is...

One person has a very severe nut allergy. Tree and ground nuts. Also seeds and chocolate, but that's kind of rare in brunch foods.

Final challenge is that my family is kind of picky and likes simple food. And there will be one kid there. Arond 10? I think he's a super-picky eater, so I may just need to have an alternate on hand for him.

I haven't cooked in months and so am excited to dive on into this. I do live in the city, so I have plenty of ingredients available. If the farmer's market is open, I will get produce there...

Thanks very much for any suggestions. Hopefully this hasn't been recently asked (I did search!).

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