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broth, stock, liquid

Dbird | Jan 26, 2003 07:01 PM

I make, and buy, a lot of soup, and what i am usually looking for is broth and stock. I like the solids more for what they contribute to the liquid than for themselves, although I appreciate the focus of a lump of crab, a swirl of mushrooom and truffle oil...(whatever happened to consomme?). I end up using a lot of swanson's fat free chicken broth (though I've seen fat lumps in the tinned versions) both because of ready availability, the dim memory of a Cook's survey that put them on top (though others disaparage such rankings I find them helpful in context), and my limited capacity to seek and roast suitable bones for the quantity of stock I regularly consume (I presently, may it be temporarily, reside in not quite a suburb, not quite a town, no wise a city).
I recently noticed the ingredients on swanson', however,and would v much appreciate knowing about others' satisfactory compromises.

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