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Brooklyn Fare - amazing food and staff, awful set of patrons. Read on:


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Brooklyn Fare - amazing food and staff, awful set of patrons. Read on:

Heeney | Sep 2, 2012 02:01 PM

Last night we were lucky enough to visit the Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare. As I was informed, the meal and the service were both exceptional. And Chef Ramirez was very relaxed and talkative with the customers at the end of the table. This type of interplay with the guests was almost totally limited to the guests at the end of the table due to their proximity to the kitchen. Though he did personally open the door for us as we left and thanked us for coming. 
Now, I won't go into depth about the meal itself other than to say it deserves all it's accolades. 
But I wanted to talk about something more unique to our situation. 
We arrived promptly on time for our 6:30 reservation yesterday (Sept 1st.)
Seated next to us were 4 guys who turned up wearing casual pants and tshirts or polo shirts. 
Now, I'll note that the day before our appointment our confirmation call was explicit that the dress code called for a button-down shirt with long sleeves. I went the extra mile and wore a suit jacket. 
So the fact that these guys showed up dressed that way confused me. 
The hostess turned them away, as they should have. And requested they come back dressed properly. 
Now, they must have been close because they returned about 10 mins later dressed in collared shirts. But as they were about to sit down one of them decided to make a scene right in the kitchen with the hostess. This carried on for at least another 5 minutes before he was asked to step outside to discuss. Another 5 minutes later he came back and took his seat. 
Now, we are at least 20 minutes behind and the meal finally begins. 
We were lucky that the couple on our other side were extremely pleasant and we made new friends talking back and forth during the meal. The server in the middle of the bar was also exceptional and talked to us during the whole meal. 
Meanwhile, these 4 guys next to us were using their cell phones to check the internet and apparently getting away with it. I think at one point I saw Chef notice and comment to the hostess. But the phone was put away before anything was said. 
Now, the meal consisted of about 14 or 15 small bites. Then we had a slightly larger piece of halibut. 
Suddenly they brought a glass of red wine and duck. Then cheese, then 2 desserts, then it was over. 
I was astounded that the meal was over so quickly and have since been racking my brain to determine if I forgot courses. 
My wife also remembers it the same way. 
Now, it ended up being around 18-20 dishes instead of the 25-30 I had read about. 
We all ended at the same time with our meal. 
Now, I didn't ask but I don't know if they have shortened the menu recently or if they intentionally skipped courses for all of us due to the a**holes who sat next to us taking up so much time. 
Only two larger savory courses seems kind of abbreviated compared with the 5-6 I heard about everywhere else. 
If in fact they had not shortened the planned set menu, and only cut it down for all of us because of the delay from those people. I would have been very upset. In all honesty, while the staff did a great job. I personally would have kicked them out and started the meal without them while they got their act together. Not penalized everyone else because they were so rude. 

Anyway, I still highly recommend the place. And hopefully I am wrong and they have intentionally shorted the menu and given us everything they had planned. 

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