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Broke college student - what did YOU eat?


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Broke college student - what did YOU eat?

Jonathan Saw | Oct 13, 2005 02:08 PM

A posting on the Manhattan board from a broke college student got me to reminiscing...

I used to take the remaining kim chee and mix it with leftover rice. Made the whole mixture into patties, made bread crumbs from the bread that had gone stale and pan-fried the whole thing. It was really great and got me through until my parents' check arrived. Also good with a slice of SPAM or hotdogs but I'm not really proud of those moments. ;-)

What weird, unusual dishes did you all come up with when you were a starving college student? Not just ramen, or grilled cheese but the truly weird stuff that you still end up eating when you're alone.

(Didn't Laurie Colwin write something along these lines?)

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