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broiler in electric oven -- how to make it work?


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broiler in electric oven -- how to make it work?

Helen Rennie | Mar 25, 2004 01:48 PM

I have a gas oven and I love broiling fish in it. It always comes out lovely golden brown and slightly crisp. My parents have an electric oven, and when I cook at their place, I can never achieve good results with a broiler. It just doesn't brown. Another problem I have with it is that it makes the whole house smoky if I put something under the broiler that has a marinade on it. I guess the marinade starts boiling and drops of it get onto the heating element and burn. Am I doing something wrong? I set the oven to broil, put the rack in the highest position under the heating element, and when the oven is preheated put the food in. This particular electric oven has two heating elements. One on top and one on the bottom. The broiler is the top one, right? Does anyone have any tricks on how to get electric oven to produce better results when broiling?

Thanks :)

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