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British Style Fish and Chips - Still Good

JPJ | Sep 14, 200909:46 AM

I know there are a few threads discussing Toronto's F&C's scene, I just wanted to add my two cents.

My wife and I have been craving Fish and Chips for sometime and based on reviews here we decided to make the trip from the west end of the city over to the east side to British Style Fish and Chips.

Got to say, the place impressed me. First off, it has great ambiance, it's not quite a dive, but its close, the floor tiles are practically evaporating. When I go to get my fry on, I don't want to see a modernist interpretation of a fish and chips place, mostly because it's a sure sign the food will suck. That being said the tables and chairs were clean, and the washrooms though in a dank smelly basement were usable.

We both ordered the halibut and I got a side of coleslaw to try and have something with tartness that could cut through all the fat I was expecting.

The fish and chips were excellent, certainly the best I have had outside of Halifax. They are still frying in shortening, something that makes the batter and chips extra crisp. The fries themselves were fresh cut, unbelievably crisp on the outside and still soft on the inside. If I had any complaint about the fries it was colour, they could have been darker, but the crispiness was not effected at all. The fish batter was medium thickness, not a thin tempura style and not caked on. For me this is just the right amount. The batter on the outside was super crispy, you could hear it as you broke through it with your fork. The fish on the inside was moist and flaky, and definitely fresh. I have heard the owner brings in the whole fish and cuts the portions himself. Both the fish and fries had little residual greasiness, there was a little evident on the fish but it was nothing substantial. The coleslaw, though nothing special, was nice and tart and did cut the fat as hoped.

The only negatives I could note are as follows:

- The biggest negative to me is no homemade tartar sauce, just packets. How much effort does it take to throw together a nice tartar sauce?

- The price is a little steep ($9.65 before tax) but the portions are huge, we could have likely shared one, but we didn't, we each ate our own and walked away from some of the fries stuffed to the gills!

- The location is not very convenient for me...clearly this is a selfish complaint but also a good thing as it will prevent me from dying of a premature coronary from eating here weekly, which I might if it was closer.

- We meant to bring the camera for pics but forgot it, too excited for the fried food binge.

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