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Need help with British candy making ingredients


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Need help with British candy making ingredients

Jpan99 | Jan 1, 2012 01:12 PM

I have a candy making cookbook from the '70s that was my moms. I wanted to try a couple of the recipes but there are several sugar ingredients that are a bit confusing so I hope someone can help me decipher them.

Granulated sugar - I'm assuming the same as our white granulated sugar

Icing sugar - probably powdered sugar / confectioners sugar

Glucose - I thought this was just another name for sugar but there are recipes that use both granulated sugar and some form of glucose. Maybe like corn syrup?

Powdered glucose - hmmm

Glucose syrup - hmmm again

Golden syrup - I've seen this in the imported food section, would honey or corn syrup be a substitute?

Demerara sugar - never heard of it

Caster sugar - I think this is very fine granulated sugar

Single cream and double cream - is that the same as light cream vs. heavy cream?

Dessert chocolate - I think that might be plain, dark chocolate

Drinking chocolate and drinking chocolate powder - not sure, i think the powder might be plain cocoa.

Tartaric acid - I thought cream of tartar but that is also used in the book so this must be different. Maybe citric acid?

The only thing I think I'm sure of is when they mention essence (vanilla essence, almond essence) it's the same as our extracts...I hope!

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