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Brisket Help!

Vital Information | May 28, 2002 03:45 PM

The Chicago Chowhounds are turning the tables and doing the cooking this Thursday. Our "victims" are the guests at the Inspiration Cafe. A resturant dedicated exclusively to those who otherwise do not frequent resturants.

Our menu includes my world famous, Texas grade, smoked briskets. While I have no problem knowing what to do with the smoker, I do want to survey regarding the meat itself.

One of the chicago hounds got me into a wholesaler, where we got the briskets really cheap (less than a $1/lb). My problem, is that I have never dealt with briskets in such a raw state before.

- How much should I trim the meat to make the briskets "uniform" (my feeling here, unless told otherwise is to leave the whole and just move them around to adjust the cooking)

- One side of each brisket has a huge sheath of fat. How much of this fat should I eliminate? (Would this make for good french frys?)

- Can I keep the briskets in a metal container overnight as they absorb their top secret rub mix?


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