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Brining and food safety


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Brining and food safety

juliabobbie | Sep 28, 2012 08:20 AM

Hello, and thanks to those with answers!

I'm fairly certain of the answer to this question, but I'm hoping you'll say I'm wrong . . .

We brined 25 pounds of pork for pulled pork (shoulder/butt). The solution included one cup of salt for one gallon of water (plus some spices and brown sugar). It was in the brine (in the refrigerator) for 9-10 hours.

We then put a dry rub on it, put it in an electric roasting oven, and turned it on to cook at 250 degrees overnight. Or so we thought. Eight hours later, when we got up, we realized we hadn't plugged the roaster in. The kitchen temperature was about 68 degrees, and the roaster cover was on.

We immediately turned it on (250) and went to the store for more pork. We're serving the new batch to our guests this evening (although no time to brine or cook as slowly as we'd like). But we thought we'd still cook the "bad" batch, on the off chance that brining it preserved it just enough to survive eight hours at, essentially, room temperature. We're pretty sure we'll have to throw it out, but maybe you'll tell us something different!

Thank you so much!

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