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Bringing our own food to Thanksgiving dinner


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Bringing our own food to Thanksgiving dinner

Covert Ops | Nov 14, 2006 06:51 PM

OK, I've been married five years, and I think this is either the first or second time my husband and I have eaten with my parents. (Either they lived out of state, or I was working, or both.) It will be just them, us and my teenage stepson, no other guests.

My tastes, and the influence of my Southern husband, have changed since traditional Thanksgiving when I was a kid, so there are foods we want that my picky Yankee parents won't touch, like stuffed mushrooms and sweet potatoes.

Mom's making the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and most all of the veggies. We have compromised and I have agreed for her to just cook a breast, since no one eats dark meat besides the teen (and he eats white as well). My mother and husband are the only ones who eat cranberry sauce, but she likes it out of the can and he won't touch it from the can.

So would it be bad if I brought mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin roll (something my parents might not eat but is required by my hsuband, both bc it's a tradition for him and because I make it sugar-free for his diabetes), as long as everything was pre-prepared or we could prepare it ourselves in her large kitchen without getting in the way?

I know you'll say, just ask my mom if it would bother her, but she's notorious for not telling the truth about things that irritate her. I'm just wondering how y'all would feel. Keep in mind she's not a big cook -- she's making what's traditional, but it's not like she has a special "menu" planned with wine, etc.

Any thoughts?

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