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Bringing back Foie Gras, legally?


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Bringing back Foie Gras, legally?

wired2theworld | Oct 10, 2008 10:01 AM

Has anyone recently brought back foie gras from France and declared it to US customs? I'm in Paris and bought a can of foie gras de oie which I'd like to bring home. I want to declare it because with my luck, I'd be caught and fined (and it's a BIG fine). Plus, even if it's legal, and I don't declare it, they will confiscate it because I will have lied on the form.

The US Customs website is a little unclear on what it will and will not allow. It says,
"Fois Gras - If cooked and in a hermetically sealed container, maybe- see Matrix. Otherwise, no." I really can't tell what the 'matrix" is, as the link is to a page with a bunch of other links (

I'll be going through customs in DC, though that probably does not matter.

I have a day left here and I really wanted to bring the can home to hubby rather than make myself sick eating it here!

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