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Bringing your own condiment(s) to a restaurant?


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Bringing your own condiment(s) to a restaurant?

cgarner | Jul 25, 2011 09:21 AM

I have a favorite Italian restaurant not too far from my house. It's a family place, definately not white tablecloth dining... in season, we love to get their insalata caprese, because the owner makes his own mozzarella. (it's delicious)

My only complaint is that they usually put one lone leaf of basil on top and when we've asked for "extra" basil, they give us maybe two more whole leaves.

Knowing this, last night we went to same restaurant and I had a little zip-lock baggie in my purse, with lots of basil in it.

The waiter delivered our appetizer and when he left, I reached into my bag and sprinkled the basil over top. I got some funny looks from the table next to us and I think the waiter was a little confused when he came back to check on us, seeing the ample quantity of chopped basil across the plate.

was this wrong? We thoroughly enjoyed the appetizer but some how I felt like I was doing something forbidden.
(anyone else do stuff like this? Please tell me yes so I dont' feel quite so embarrassed)

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