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Brines: The science behind it doesnt add up!


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Brines: The science behind it doesnt add up!

achilles007 | Jan 15, 2011 12:23 PM

The process behind what fuels a brine is what's known as osmosis.

Osmosis is the flow of water molecules to and through a semi-permeable membrane from a hypotonic environment (water with less salt) to that which is hypertonic (water with more salt).

Thus following this procedure, would ONLY succeed in draining water molecules OUT of the meat and into the salty briny solution, diluting it just a BIT, NOT as to anything going back INTO the MEAT itself! Nothing in this scientific explanation goes into explaining why or even IF the meat itself takes up any solution at all!

So what a brine SHOULD result in is an even DRIER piece of meat-- that even if it DID take up any brine solution, would be extremely salty at best.

Something isnt adding up here!

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