What is a Brick Roast?

MartyB | Apr 17, 201112:39 PM     14

A few weeks ago I bought a package of meat from Supersol (Seasons) which was labeled "Brick Roast" it somehow looked different redder in color finely marbleized and a mushy feel to the touch. I made it and it was heavenly, fell apart and everyone loved it. Checking on the web it looks like it has a multitude of names, Square Roast, French Roast so when I was at Brachs I saw them selling a Square Roast for a decent price (not Brooklyn prices but decent) problem is that it didn't look right. Clearly it was a different cut from what I got before. Went to Seasons (Supersol) and there was the Brick Roast as I remembered it, Tevyah's (who ever he is) was the brand and the price was $8.99/lb. I asked someone from the meat section if it goes by any other name he said - Shell, Delmonico - anyway I saw the same cut in the store but not "Tevyah's" marked for $14.99/lb. I then went to Gourmet Glatt, again they had French and square roast - didn't look quite right then they had "Delmonico" Brick roast for $14.99/lb and it looked like what I purchased from Seasons.

Why are there no standards as to what cuts of meat are called? Also why is "Tevyah's" brand that Season's carries selling so cheaply (relatively speaking)?

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