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The best way to brew coffee

Jessica Shatan | Sep 21, 200001:12 PM

The best board has been lagging lately so maybe I can get something rolling here.

I'd love to know 'hounds fave methods for making coffee: electric coffee maker, silver espresso stove-top, Bodum (french press), Melitta drip, or what ever.

Also, do you think grinding your own beans REALLY makes a difference? I mean if I get ground beans from a good place and keep 'em in the fridge, and use 'em often how much is really comprimised??

I used an electric Krups coffee maker and grinder for years (2 separate things). After a while I felt like the hot plate that the coffee pot sits on was burning the coffee or *something* it just wasn't tasting so good... I didn't want anything between me the water and the grounds so I got a Bodum. It's great... but of course it cools off kinda quickly. One friend of mine immediatly pours it into a thermal carafe... but then there's one more dish to wash... in a Martha Stewart catalog I saw a 'cozy' designed for the Bodum! It looked perfect. I plan to see if they carry this at the Porto Rico store on Bleecker, which has many accessories.

Then there is the milk... I like whole milk the best, half and half is too heavy, and I am usually too lazy to heat it up... my sister just got the milk steamer that looks like a mini tall, skinny bodum. She pours milk in the glass carafe, puts it in the microwave, then takes it out and pumps up foam with the screen by moving it up and down.

Also, I always use Brita filtered water, as coffee is an infusion, after all, so I think the water should be good.

OK--what does everybody else do/love/think is the *only* way to get a decent cuppa joe??? (And yes, I know, I could just walk to Once Upon a Tart and get a latte for $3 which I do a few times a week).

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