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Breakfast in Calgary

CookieGal | Mar 26, 2007 09:54 AM

Why is it so hard in this great city on a weekend to find a place to sit and enjoy a good breakfast?

There is no end of great diners; Diner Delux, Dairy lane, Galaxy, Belmont.... etc but why is it that you need to stand around at all of these places for an hour watching other people eat before you can get so much as a cup of coffee!

I have a few jewels I'd like to share... and Now that Calgary is smoke free there are a lot of breakfast option that are way easier to enjoy.

Palamino has a great little breakfast menu (maybe 5 items) but there is more seating than you can imagine and the banana and PB stuffed french toast topped with bacon is to die for! Only Saturdays* they are closed on Sunday.

Village Cantina on 9th in Inlgewood has a really nice spread, they use cabata bread with all there breakies.. which i just love about this place.

The Crossroads Market on Blackfoot Tr. There are 2 booths in the food court do a $4 fry up, for a cheep and greasy breakfast, there is never a line up there and they both serve till 11 am Sat and Sunday. nothing special.. but sometime you just want breakfast with out the pain in the but!

Wolfmans Pub / Basil's in Marda Loop always overlooked for Nellys and Belmont, the breakfast menu here puts them both to shame. There Benny is spot on, and the hash browns come 2 ways.. both fresh made and pan fried...mmmmmm.

Candance Cafe in Bowness (somebody correct me on the name, because I think I have it wrong)
Really a fine breakfast spread ( I would avoid the baked goods there.. as I don't think they are baked fresh on site) but the friend egg sandwich now thats fresh and pretty fabulous.

Cravings Market on Flint road.... now just like the crossroads.. this is an option for a basic breakfast... the food is not special at all, but it's really speedy.. and as the place is always dead, you can get a table no problem. I have a few issues with this place, like they only serve starbucks coffee which i personally hate so I have to opt for tea with breakfast, that aside it's a weird "market" style of dinning... you get a shopping list and it's basically a self serve deal. You walk around to different stations and order you food. Cool in concept... but it's a little annoying. The perk of this place (which i tried for the first time this Sunday) is the breakfast I had the basic 2 eggs breakfast, came with a whopping bowl of fresh fruit salad that was perfect. the "whole wheat toast" was super whitey and smothered in margarine :( but the eggs were great and let me say again SUPER SPEEDY! If you had a huge group of people you wanted to have breakfast with... this is the place to ensure a table, and a quick meal!

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