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Best Breakfast Bars

asiansensation007 | Jan 15, 2007 09:50 PM

I LOVE the SouthBeach Cinnamon Raisin Cereal Bars. I could literally eat these things all day. They are very cinnamony and sweet and have little plump raisins throughout. Each bar is drizzled with icing which makes them feel decadent. When I open the wrapper, it has the best sweet smell. Best of all, each bar has 10 grams (!) of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Sugar is also relatively low (7 grams). Each bar clocks in at 140 calories. One of these keeps the hunger at bay and have been a godsend in terms of keeping off any post-college weight (I went from running around college to a 8-5 desk job)

If you go to, they have a dollar off a box. I print them off and my grocery store sells a box of five for 2.85. With a dollar off, it makes these bars ultra afforable for my limited budget. Sometimes I eat them every day for bfast w/ some fruit or almonds and I'm good till lunch!

As a side note, I have tried all the other flavors (chocolate, Peanut butter, and maple nut). The cinnamon is by FAR my favorite with PB a distant second. If you like PB alot, you will like it as it has a very PBy flavor. Instead of an white icing drizzle, it is a PB drizzle. The texture is firmer than the cinnamon and I know some people that prefer this flavor. The chocolate is just plain nasty. It tastes fake. I dont like it at all. The maple nut is just ok in my opinion. I didnt really like it either.

What are your favorite bfast bars? Granola, cereal, whatever. You heard mine. Now you all can weigh in on yours!

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