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Why did you Break-Up with a Favorite Restaurant?


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Why did you Break-Up with a Favorite Restaurant?

oldbaycupcake | Oct 24, 2008 06:32 PM

Over the years they were your “go to” place for a good meal in the neighborhood, to pick up a pizza, get your bagel & coffee or to carry out your favorite ethnic food. The owner/chef/manager/staff knew you by sight if not by name. You were a loyal customer and used to sing their praises. They were independent and local, not part of a dreaded chain.

At some point, you had to break-up with them. Not for economic reasons, but because something else wasn’t working for you anymore. It was a conscious decision, almost as hard as breaking it off with your hairdresser or a decent boyfriend or girlfriend. For your own good, the relationship had to end! You’ll still miss the old favorite restaurant or at least you’ll miss their glory days, the convenience, the comfortable feeling you got & finding their replacement won’t be easy, but it has to be done.

There’s been a lot of mention of the importance of supporting small, independent restaurants during this economic crunch. While I agree, it also got me thinking about other reasons that customers break-up with an old favorite. Perhaps the menu hasn’t evolved over the years or the atmosphere is no longer appealing or maybe the service & food have gotten inconsistent. What was it that made you decide to break-up with an old favorite restaurant?

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