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BREADED wings: I know it's sacrilege, but...

kataboon | May 1, 201208:51 AM

My taste buds are holding me hostage. They want breaded, deep-fried, and sticky-goopy-saucey-spicy wings. I'm well aware that these are not Buffalo wings in any sense of the term. I'm well aware that breading interferes with crispness of the chicken skin and that the sauce dominates the flavour of the chicken etc. etc. But I like them! At least, I like them when they are FRESH (to minimize sogginess setting in, which I know is an issue with this preparation), STICKY, and SPICY :-)

I want to make these at home because ordering them at a pub or restaurant is such a crapshoot. Sometimes they are delicious (and that tantalizing possibility keeps my craving alive), but the risk of disastrous results is so high with this preparation (for the myriad reasons described by hard-core Buffalo aficionados) that more often than not I am disappointed.

Any advice or recipes?

Please don't preach the gospel of the Buffalo wing. I get it. I've eaten them at the Anchor Bar and my mom makes authentic fried Buffalo wings with butter & Frank's. And I do see the appeal. They just aren't what I find myself craving.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. To give you an idea of my taste, this recipe looks yummy wrt flavour, but they look dry rather than sticky (and obviously they are not actually wings but tenders). http://www.chow.com/recipes/10831-buf...

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