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Breadcrumb change with today's release

mudaba | Jun 27, 2012 04:51 PM

Some of you have already noticed (hopefully) that we have a new dropdown to navigate to Chowhound boards. We have now released phase two of this change, which is the removal of the "Choose a Board" module and the implementation of breadcrumbs across the site. In this context, breadcrumbs are not crunchy stale bread cut into tiny cubes, but the links at the top of the page that help users know where they are. For instance, you will see at the top of this thread the words "Home > Chowhound > Site Talk." Those are the breadcrumbs. Hopefully they will help orient you to where you are on the site at all times. Additionally, we have added a save feature (the yellow star) that helps you save the boards you are interested in visiting over and over. Those boards will now appear in the "Chowhound Discussions" dropdown when you are logged in.

All of these changes are aimed at streamlining navigation and helping people get to threads more quickly. Hope you find them helpful.


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