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My bread sticks to the loaf pans - help!


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My bread sticks to the loaf pans - help!

Raeviola | Apr 30, 2007 04:51 PM

I've just finished making my second batch of bread ever. This was a few loaves of whole-wheat, which are delicious. Yum!

Before I shaped it and put it into my Pyrex glass pans, I oiled the pans WELL with olive oil... also the bread dough was well-greased with the oil; so much so that it nearly slipped out of my hands as I was trying to put it in the loaf pans. I thought that with that much oil it wouldn't stick at all... but man, I had to pry those loaves out with a knife! Took a while and made a mess of my beautiful bread. Any ideas? Do I need to get non-stick dark pans instead?

Same thing happened with my last batch of (white) bread.


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