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My bread must be LOADED with preservatives....

puppymomma | Apr 8, 200811:53 AM

About 4 weeks ago I bought a package of Baker's Inn bread. I don't eat bread very often - but I had a craving for french toast and it looked like a good choice.

So they other day I noticed that it's still there - the 10 or so pieces remaining, and there isn't a hint of mold anywhere! It's been at least 4 weeks - I swear! I've never seen bread last that long without mold.

At this point, I don't want to eat the bread because it can't be good to have lasted that long. It must be full of preservatives like I've never heard of. I'm sure that can't be good for you. Preservatives are bad, and I do avoid them on some level. But I will admit that other than sodium which makes me retain water and lately has been linked to things that I can't remember, I don't really know what makes them bad.

Would you continue to eat this bread? For it to have lasted this long, what have they done to it?


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