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Bread baking results and questions (long)

Lizard | Nov 29, 2005 12:30 PM

Thanks for everyone's tips on breadmaking. My biggest fear was yeast activation. But I relaxed, and I didn't kill the yeast. To be sure, I used a thermometer to check the water temp, but from now on, I don't think I'll need to do that. I went to the Fleishmann's Yeast website and made the simplest bread they had. Four ingredients. White flour, yeast, salt, water. No pan needed, just shape em into italian loaves. They came out looking really good. That is not to say, though, that I loved them. They were a little dense for my taste, but the resident office breadmaker proclaimed them perfect with a "nice crumb." They were like italian restaurant bread basket bread. They would be good with cheese and wine. It was pretty good with butter and raspberry preserves. I think it would make a great pizza crust. They probably could have risen some more, and I wasn't quite sure when they were done. I just got lucky and took them out at the right time. Any done-ness tips would be appreciated. I am pleased with the results though as these loaves were more about my learning the technique. Now I'd like to bake a sweet and/or a savory bread. Like a cinnamon raisin and a rosemary/olive bread. Does anyone have any recipes??? I supposed I'm going to have to get loaf pans and flour other than all purpose. Also, one other question. Fast acting versus regular yeast? What's the deal? Some recipes specified one over the other. Can you substitute and if so how? And if it's not specified which do you use? Sorry this is so long. But thanks everybody!

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