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Bread... What is going on!

Caroline1 | Nov 3, 201304:42 AM

Oroweat has been a favorite for decades. My big love was Wheatberry, then when its price started pushing four bucks a loaf a decade or so ago, they just gave up and stopped making it. I grieved. I haven't had a decent liverwurst sandwich since then. But I took consolation in Oroweat OatNut bread. It has been my "go-to" bread for years. There have always been a couple of loaves in the freezer just for back up.

But now it seems to be going the way of Wheatberry, but not as clean a demise. What used to be grand firm textured wheat bread with generous distributions of oats and nuts throughout has become, as of my most recent purchase, a marshmallowy "Wonder Bread" gummy mess with a large reduction in quantity of oats and nuts!

I'm left scratching my head... Is someone counterfeiting Oroweat OatNut and slipping it onto my grocer's shelves? Or has Oroweat, now part of the Bimbo conglomerate, just decided, in that recent American tradition, to just reduce quality instead of adjusting their product cost?

If that's the case, and I suspect it is, I strongly object! It takes away my option to pay more and retain the quality I enjoy. It dumps poorer quality on me with the contempt of thinking I'm too dumb to notice.

I am sooooooo sick of manufacturers messing with my life by repackaging 8 ounce cans of tuna into 5 ounces, thereby ruining a bunch of recipes. I'm sick of "quarts" of ice cream that now only contain 3.5 cups instead of 4. YES! Inflation is real and has momentum so its unlikely to fade anytime soon, but it seems to me that manufacturers who play these price-versus-quality games are simply compounding the issue.

So here's my response:
"Hey, bimbo (no cap by design), I want my OatNut bread back! NOW!!!"

Do you think anyone is listening? (sigh)

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