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Who braved the storm to eat out???

moh | Mar 9, 200808:58 AM

I have been inspired by an experience of a fellow CHer to start this thread. Crappy weather, crazy winds, lots of snow last night, stay in and cook, right? WRONG!!

We had good friends visiting from out of town last night, and we gathered at our place to decide what to eat for dinner. They arrived at our place covered in snow and ice and had to be sent to our bathroom to dry off. But they were still game to go out for dinner, and we narrowed our choices to a restaurant that could be easily and quickly reached by foot. Had I bothered to go out earlier in the day, I would have realized that no restaurant could have met these criteria.

After putting on our war gear, we gamely stepped out into the tempest, and made our way to Lemeac. We had first called to see if we could get a reservation, as we were worried about getting a seating on a Saturday night. 8:00 pm for 5? Noooo Problem! That should have been our first clue to the severity of the storm.

On our way, we formed a human chain so as not to lose anybody in the driving swirling snow. We had to look for paths through the piles of snow blocking the sidewalks, making large detours just to cross the street. We crossed paths with one other foolhardy soul with whom we exchanged an impish grin. Who else was crazy enough to be out in this mess?

When we got to Lemeac, we were surprised that the restaurant was a little over half full. Surprised because we expected it to be nearly deserted.... It is a testament to a restaurant that it can pull in this many people on one of the worst nights of the year. We even noticed the presence of a very famous local celebrity. Most of our party ordered onglet, the Angus beef, the short rib, all great stick-to-your-rib bistro fare that Lemeac does oh so well. I've restarted my diet, so I had the butternut squash soup to start. I didn't notice that it was "gratinee" and was horrified (well, not really) when I saw it arrive with a large cap of golden melted cheese. The soup was really rich and delicious and filling. I also snagged a piece of my friend's house-smoked salmon, and I have to agree with one of the posters that this is a superb smoked salmon, light, subtle, elegant, melt-in-your-mouth. I then followed this up with an entree size steak tartare with matchstick potatoes. This is possibly the best steak tartare I have had. It is fresh and well seasoned, the beef is tender and flavourful. The matchstick potatoes were delicious, but I do have a question: How do you eat the darn things? Tried my fork, and scattered sticks of potato all over the table. And when you finally get them to your mouth, they are sticking in so many directions that little bits break off and fall all over your clothes. You can eat them with your fingers, one by one, but that takes way too long, and if you pick up more than 2 or 3, you run into the same problem of bits breaking off. Well, better for the diet if I don't eat them all, right? I shared the mignardises plate with friends to finish. I enjoyed the fruit jelly, the candy coated hazelnuts, the long thin sweet cookie, the raspberry macaroon but my very favorite was the passion fruit chocolate truffle.

Going back home was a nightmare, because all the blood was rushing to our stomachs to help digest. But we had a great night, and it was fun to see how deserted the world becomes in the middle of a storm.

SO! Anyone else brave the elements to go out to eat?

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