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Brand New Cook: Recommended baby steps?


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Brand New Cook: Recommended baby steps?

esquimeaux | Mar 8, 2011 05:19 PM

So my roomate and I no longer live together, although I still feed him. If left to his own devices he would live on pizza and burritos and cheeseburgers. The extent of his cooking repertoire is a ground beef fried rice type deal, deep frying (without batters or breading or marinades), or frying strips of meat until jerky-like in texture. Bleh. Oh, he can grill stuff that I prepare for him pretty well.

I'm trying to help him learn to shop for groceries and make sense of those groceries for himself. Grocery shopping is especially frustrating for him. I remember learning to cook by watching my mom and cooking shows and lots of trial and error. But his laptop recently broke and he has no TV. Are there any books you can recommend? Any other ways to inspire him?

He's also trying to go a healthier, less meat-centric route, now that he's been living off of my fresh, unprocessed cooking. Willing but unaccustomed to eating vegetables. Likes ethnic foods.

I can't imagine going through life without being able to feed myself, so it's hard for me to help him out besides giving the man a fish instead of teaching him to fish... I'm hoping someone here has been through a similar ordeal and can offer some sound advice!

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