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Braising in metal pot vs. slow cooker vs. enamel roaster?

CuriousCat | Oct 14, 201109:55 AM

Hi Chowhounders!

I've got a boneless blade roast that I'm looking to cut up and braise, probably bourguignon style. Sadly, I don't have access to a dutch oven, nor will I be cooking in my own kitchen. What I do have are:

- a medium size metal pot (About 4-5 qt. I assume it's stainless steel - it's got a medium-heavy base with metal handles and lid)

- a smallish oval enamel oven roaster with a rounded lid (not the cast iron kind, just metal. It can just fit 1 whole chicken comfortably)

- a crock pot (5 qt).

What's the best way to go about this? Brown the meat, then ... stove-top in the pot? Deglaze the browning pan, then pour everything into the enamel roaster to go in the oven? Deglaze & do it in a low crock pot? I'm a little worried about putting the metal pot in the oven (it's not mine), though I suppose it won't be very high heat.

Oh, and the range is electric, if that matters. The lids on everything are normal-fitting, not especially tight, but they do fit. (The roaster lid probably has the loosest lid.)

Thanks in advance!

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