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Braising awesome veal foreshanks in a thin pot on vacation, not a thick dutch oven, advice?

SocksManly | May 19, 201207:15 PM

I'm on vacation and want to braise some beautiful veal shanks I have. The only pot I have here with no plastic handles is like an enamelled aluminum I'm guessing, and not very thick at all. It's not terribly thin, but it's no dutch oven.

So I guess I just have to check often that I'm at a bare simmer, and turn more often? I got some help on this in another thread, but I was assuming I'd be cooking on the stove top due to no suitable oven vessel. Now that I've found something I can put in the oven, I'm thinking I'm better off doing that.

I could buy a thicker pot at Sam`s Club here, but it`s still aluminum, it`s a tomato based sauce, and it`s $50 for one meal.

Also I have way too much meat to `braise` I think as my meat to pot to liquid ratio is going to be off. I can break it up into 3 pots... Am I better off doing that than crowding one pot and submerging a lot of the meat? I'd have to go stove top, but maybe it's better that way.

I have ten of these to cook: http://a2.img.mobypicture.com/d63972d...

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