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Best boxed cake mix and canned frosting


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Best boxed cake mix and canned frosting

rworange | Aug 6, 2011 01:58 PM

OK ... let me make this perfectly clear ... I am NOT for various reasons making frosted cupcakes from scratch. So please no ... it is so easy, make your own.

The primary reason is it is an acttivity for for one six year old and one three year old and both seriously lack focus. Let's say neither can even follow Dr. Seuss books. So there is only a limited amount of what can be done.

This is mainly about the frosting ... but what the heck ... I'll ask about good boxed mixes as well.

I despise the gluck that is canned frosting with a science list of ingredients and that awful taste and texture. Is there anything out there somewhat natural that tastes closer to home made. I like dense butter cream, but decent anything will do.

Not so picky about cake mixes. The regulars work for me, though it has been years since I made a cake from mix. Anything that is along the orgnanic or natural lines, tastes good and is fool-proof?

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