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It’s out with the box grater and in with the Microplane

snax | Aug 12, 200911:18 PM

I have only ever used a box grater and I actually found it bizarre that it was actually called a ‘box’ grater as to me it has always been a ‘grater’ or more like ‘the grater’ as I didn’t know there was another alternative. But it seems that I have been missing out on the benefits of these Microplanes and it’s time for me to cross over to the light.

I have had a love/hate relationship with my box grater as I find it works excellent for cheese but it’s shocking for ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg and additionally it’s very hard to clean as the cheese sticks inside and is hard to remove. I’m more interested in the ‘Professional’ series (constructed of mostly stainless steel) instead of the plastic handled design as the least amount of joins means less places for water to hide.

I have my eye on two types of Microplanes. A course one for cheese and a fine one for ginger etc.

Microplane Professional Extra Coarse Grater

Microplane Professional Patented Design Fine Spice Grater


Microplane Grater/Zester (Fine)

I’m still confused in what is the differences are between the long and skinny (rasp) grater and the shorter and wide grater? Is there a huge difference between the two? Ease of use etc? I suspect there is a market for both obviously. Can anyone shed some light on this? As I seriously have no idea...

And if anyone can sway me for pros or cons between the all metal grater and the plastic handle one that would be helpful.

Cheers :-)

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