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Boulud, Table 10, Cut, L'atelier, Craftsteak and others report


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Boulud, Table 10, Cut, L'atelier, Craftsteak and others report

zippyh | Jul 18, 2008 09:26 PM

Brunch at Bouchon
Wifey had Boudin Blanc with scrambled egg and croissant. She enjoyed it but I don’t like the smoothness of the sausage. Excellent croissant too.
Croque Madame, i.e. grilled ham and cheese sandwich with egg and mornay. It was good but I love the frittes.
I also like their Bloody Maries.
Interesting to note that they had Chicken and Waffles on the menu.
We eat here every trip.

Daniel Boulud in the Wynn
Had an early-ish dinner before seeing Spamalot (closing night, good show).
Wifey had Mesclun salad. More interesting than usual green salad since it had a variety of vegatables too.
Moules Frittes. Gigantic pot full of steamed mussels and fries. She’s a mussel fiend and gave them the thumbs up.
I ordered off the Prix Fix menu.
PÂTÉ DE CAMPAGNE FORESTIÈRE. Very nice slice of pate with some miniature bits of vegatables which were more for effect than anything.
Steak Frittes. It was topped with onion compote and had some arugula (I think) on the side. Steak was a New York I believe and not the classic hangar. It was still good.
CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT FONDANT. Good but nothing to write home about.
This was our first dining experience at DB. We’ll definitely be back.
Excellent service too.

Hash House a Go Go for breakfast.
Salmon scramble.
Chicken and asparagus hash.
It was okay.
One irritating thing about this place is that they serve some dishes in cast iron pans. The problem being that they’re not hot so they act as a massive heat sink and suck the heat out of the food.

Table 10 in the Palazzo.
Shrimp with oyster mushrooms and seafood sausage. The dish itself was pretty good. Seafood sausage was smooth which worked for me being seafood. The shrimp were very fresh and sweet. They were also served with heads. The problem I had with this dish was the price which was $17 for basically two shrimp, a couple slices of seafood sausage and some oyster mushrooms.
Crab salad. Nice mound of lump crab on sweet corn. Very nice.
Lobster pot pie. I enjoyed this a lot. I liked it more than the one at Michael Mina.
Roast Pork. Wifey had this. She liked but I thought it was a bit dry.
We’d probably consider going here again. Good service. Atmosphere is kind of bleh given you’re in the middle of a shopping mall. I was watching people go in and out of the Ralph Lauren store across the way.
Except for the shrimp appetizer, I thought everthing else was favorably priced compared to a lot of similar quality places.
Saw La Reve after. I liked it better than O.

Carnegie Deli for breakfast.
Pastrami sandwich, coleslaw. I like their sandwiches but coming from the Seattle area, I really don’t have anything to compare them to.
Wifey had Cheese blintzes. WTF, they’re deep fried?

Cut at the Palazzo
It’s somewhat disconcerting when your server plunks down the platter of raw wagyu and kobe beef to show you before ordering. That had to be a couple thousand dollars at retail worth of beef they were carting around table to table.
Steak Tartare. Served with a raw quail egg, dijon sauce, and garlic aoli. I thought this was excellent. Even my wife liked it. I thought it compared favorably to Craftsteak’s. One nice thing is the portion is smaller than Craftsteak’s. My wife will only eat a little of it and the rest is a lot for me to finish at Craftsteak.
Corn and Fava bean salad. Very nice with the sweet corn. There was bacon in it too.
Wife had Asparagus with poached egg and bacon dressing. She liked it.
Wife had the Illinois 21 day aged Filet. It was a filet.
Nebraska 35 day aged Rib Eye. Very flavorful but a bit too salty.
Fries served with bernaise. Good but I liked the ones at Craftsteak and Bouchon better.
Artichoke hearts. They were sauted in bacon and would have been quite good except we were suffering from bacon/richness overdose. Some kind of lighter veg would have been a better choice.
Strawberry shortcake. We didn’t like this at all. It was a hot strawberry compote. The ice cream was good though.
We enjoyed our meal but I think I like Craftsteak better.

After dinner we saw Jersey Boys. I was very pleasantly surprised at what an enjoyable show this was. It also breaks the Vegas 90 minute show rule and is over 2 hours long.

Payard Patisserie Bistro
We ordered the continental breakfast and OD’ed on croissants.
Good but a bit pricey at $22 per person.
They also had cereals, smoked salmon, fruit, juice, bagels, and other assorted pastries. The smoked salmon was good too.

Dinner at L’atelier
We had the tasting menu. It’s gone up about $12 since we went in February.
I just pasted the menu in below. It was all good. I especially liked the asparagus soup. The olive ice cream was unusual but I thought it worked well with the strawberry.
Lemon gelee topped with fennel cream
Big eye tuna with tomato infused olive oil
Maine lobster in a gelee of vegetables topped with chilled leek soup
Scallop cooked with seaweed butter, curried cauliflower
Capuccino of green asparagus with parmesan
Sea bass filet with baby calamari and artichoke
Free-range quail stuffed with foie gras and served with truffled-mashed potatoes
Strawberries with basil infusion and olive ice cream
Pistachio parfait with marinated rhubarb and Muscat sorbet

They ‘re running a special summer menu right now for $60 per person. It includes a lot of food. The corn was exceptional. There was a lot of dessert too. It included cheesecake, four flavors of ice cream, and a blueberry tart.
First Course
* Roasted Red Peppers
* Persian Cucumber & Water Cress Salad
* Grilled Quail
Main Course
* Grilled Kobe Sirloin
* Roasted Chicken
* Diver Sea Scallops
Side Dishes
* Sweet Corn
* Potato Purée
* Shiitake Mushrooms
* Chef’s Selection

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