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Bought too much steak... freeze "as is" or cook then freeze?


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Bought too much steak... freeze "as is" or cook then freeze?

tastyjon | Jul 16, 2008 10:02 PM

The local grocery had a great deal on "petite sirloin" pieces (basically little steaks the size of chicken breasts). Bascially - buy one "family" pack, get another free. However I'm single and won't be able to chow them down before the expiration date.

While it's seems a logical thing to simply use some now and put the rest in the freezer, I was wondering if there's an advantage to cooking them up in a recipe and then freezing them? It seems that in general most steaks/beef portions lose a bit of charm once frozen (ice crystals punturing cell walls), and I don't really care wether or not to use them as steaks at a later date. A good stew, chile, meat sauce, burrito filling, etc. would be fine. It was simply a great deal on beef.

If cooking a dish to be frozen, is it better to make something with lots of moisture (stew, meat sauce, etc) to avoid freezer burn? Any good recipe suggestions?

Thanks, Jon

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