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Bought a De Buyer Carbone Plus Fry Pan. Now what?

mikerng | Apr 3, 201201:33 AM

In my search for a good quality steel fry pan, I have heard the name De Buyer come up a lot.

Went down to my local cookware store and found some De Buyer fry pan, they had the blue steel as well as the Carbone Plus which was what I opted for in a 30cm size, due to overall heft and general feeling about its quality. The sales assistant was a temp staff who knew about cookware as much as an accountant knows about building aircrafts. Pic attached.

There was some slight rust very minor which was why the pan was marked down. My questions are:

1) What is the best way to get rid of the rust?
2) The handle seems to be coated with some kind of protective coating, which gives it some sheen and a marbled surface, unlike the face of the pan. Can I assume that the handle is rust proof and as such no need for oiling?
3) When it comes to seasoning, is there any special instructions to be aware of? I hear something about boiling potato peels??

I hope these questions don't sound too stupid, but I've only cooked with non stick pans (which I have ditched) and a Carbon Steel Wok.

I season my wok several times over with a procedure of heating and oiling after I gave it a thorough scrubbing with a steel wool and some dishwashing soap the first time. The final step involved frying it in some ginger and chives to rid the wok of a metallic smell. I try to avoid cooking anything too acidic and mostly with a generous amount of oil for the first 10 times of using it.

I wonder if there is a need to season the De Buyer Fry Pan a different way.

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