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Boudin Blanc Recipe Ideas


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Boudin Blanc Recipe Ideas

porker | Jul 20, 2008 10:47 AM

We've been out of homemade sausages for awhile, so we're planning to pick up a leg of pork and casings this week.
Besides Italian, I'm planning to make Boudin Blanc (Louisianna style), basically following a recipe like this:

Cook together ground pork, cream, water, onion, garlic, green onion.
Add cooked white rice, mix well.
Add seasonings (bay leaf powder, sage, salt, pepper, cayenne).

Stuff into casings.

Coupla questions:

First, any suggestions that may enhance the recipe? I was thinking of cooked ground chicken livers, making a kind of dirty-rice boudin blanc. Any other ideas?

Would day-old, uncovered refrigerated rice be better, or fresh, hot, moist rice, right outta the pot be better?

Finally, how would these puppies freeze? Ahhh, actually, how would they cook up after being frozen? I'm concerned about the rice content not going through freezing and thawing too well - like frozen rice entrees...


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