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Bottled Water Waste of Money - Unhealthy Too


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Bottled Water Waste of Money - Unhealthy Too

StriperGuy | Jun 18, 2003 04:37 AM

I've always thought bottled water was one of the silliest things on earth. I have particularly tasty water right out of my own tap.

For folks who likey fizzy water, that's a different story.

Now researchers have done blind taste tests and proved me right. (Unless you live in Providence, RI or certain parts of NJ or Florida, where the tap water is undrinkable.)

Numerous studies have found that bottled water often contains unhealthy chemicals, and bacterial pathogens. In fact the health standards for tap water are often higher then those for bottled. Finally some bottled water is in fact tap water, with the added benefit of leaching all those nasty chemicals out of the plastic bottle.

All this, and you get to pay up to $10 a bottle in a foofy restaurant.


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