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Bottled water freakout


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Bottled water freakout

lucia | Apr 30, 2003 01:03 PM

I've been buying Adirondack orange-flavored water for a while. The other day I noticed that it's bottled at Cokertown Springs, about 20 miles from my house.

I happened to have seen a GIS data map of hazardous waste sites on the US Census data site a while back, and there were three different types of environmental hazards RIGHT THERE in Cokertown, NY, which is a tiny little place near a lake. There's papermill run-off and an asbestos disposal site.

How can they be permitted to bottle water there? BTW, I know that a lot of bottled waters (Dasani, Aquafina) are just filtered tap water, but this is labelled spring water. I feel like I've been drinking poison!

The weird thing is that it's merely coincidence that I happened to see that map and know where Cokertown is. Makes you wonder what factory is sitting on top of source Perrier.

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