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Did I botch my De Buyer Mineral B Element frypan seasoning?

wisew | Nov 2, 201310:06 PM

Hey Chowhound!

I'm very new to the world of CS / CI, but I did extensive research on seasoning and oils and such on here and elsewhere before beginning my seasoning process.

So, here's what happened:

1. As per De Buyer's instructions, I ran the pan under extremely hot water for probably about 5 minutes, swirling it around, and then I rubbed it down with a paper towel, drying it thoroughly.

2. I then poured probably about 2 tbsp of olive oil in the pan, and then spread it all around the inside of the pan, and used a paper towel to absorb ALL extra oil (I mean, I couldn't even tell there was oil on the pan when I was done!)

3. I then heated the pan on high until the oil started smoking.

4. Maybe 15 seconds after it started smoking, I turned the heat off, and let the pan cool.

5. What I found was a disappointingly gummy, kind of thick, light brown residue that seemed surprisingly spotty for the way I'd rubbed it on - it almost looked like what water would do if you poured it on an oily pan.

6. From reading other threads here, it seemed like the problem might be that I still had beeswax left on the pan. So, per that thread, I boiled water in the pan for about 15-20 minutes.

7. By the end of this, I saw that weird dark streaks were forming on the sides of the pan. I was pretty sure this was rust. To combat this, I added a whole bunch of potato skins, and boiled it for another 15 minutes. This seemed to help a bit, but not that much. The water turned gray, which is apparently expected when you boil potato skins.

8. I then ran the pan under very hot water and scrubbed the hell out of it, and wiped it down with a dry paper towel. What I'm left with, is what seems to be a combination of tons of tiny rust spots, some burned oil, and weird rainbow splotches. The attached picture should give you an idea. I tried getting rid of the rust with a potato, but it seems like the rust splotches are *under* the 1 layer of half-assed seasoning, and it's impossible for me to get off.

Did I ruin it? Do I need to replace it?

(As of right now, I'm going to try re-seasoning it, but my hopes aren't very high.)

** I got my seasoning method mostly from this Amazon reviewer:

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