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Boston Board Downhill Report

StriperGuy | Jul 5, 2007 06:19 AM

So a bit of a gripe. 80% of the posts on the Boston Board in the last year or so are generally the same old posts:
- Where can I get a good lobster?
- Where can I get good chinese?
- Clio or 9 Park for my special dinner?
- Questions in general that have already been answered ad infinitum on the board

It's boring. Clutters up the board, and often, the replies (because people who are better-informed have gotten tired of answering the same old question) are not even accurate.

Not sure I have an easy answer to the question. Would not be a bad idea if there was a sort of Boston FAQ pinned to the top of the board with sort of a general consensus on "the good chow."

Some iterative discussion of topics is obviously inevitable and actually a good thing, as things do change. But so much of the Boston Board has become same old same old as to really be a negative.

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