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Boston-area COVID-era family/couple meal kits/packages/deals

youngho | Feb 11, 202104:58 PM     4

We're a family of four (two adults, two elementary-aged children), so we've enjoyed our fair share of favorite family-style takeout meals over the last year. Some of the best experiences have included the Sycamore chicken pot pie (and during the holidays, the cassoulet!!!), PAGU ramen survival kit, Amuleto enchilada dinner, and tonight's Rochambox (from Rochambeau Boston) pork osso buco with bacon vinaigrette frisee salad and bread pudding.

The Sycamore pot pie included savory mushrooms and a fantastic crust (I won't describe the cassoulet in order to avoid reader envy except to say that it fed six adults and two kids, and it was one of the best I've had in the last ten years), the PAGU ramen was amazingly umami ("We enjoyed the Guchi's Midnight Ramen Survival Kit the following day. The broth was ridiculously good, like umami to the third or fourth power. I contacted the chef, who wrote "It's an "awase" broth, meaning a mix of multiple broths. We cook each broth to its "best" point, e.g. pork and chicken bone broth, shiitake broth and kombu broth. Then we mix them together in the proportions we prefer. We also make shio tare to season the broth (it's a reduction of salted pork bone cooked with sake and ginger), vs. "just adding salt" or "just adding miso" to our broth. It's a labor of love, 12+ hours of preparation, but it's well worth the end result."") but consider adding another 1-2 orders of ramen noodles for large appetite like ours), and the Amuleto enchilada was quite satisfying for the four of us. The Rochambeau dinner was also great for two gargantuan adults or a family of four, with the intensely rich and savory sauce for the osso buco , the extremely large salad (basically the d'oeuvres salad minus the poached egg), and generous dessert helpings. When available, the Ritcey East family meal (wide rigatoni, savory tomato sauce, tender meatballs) was quite satisfying for the four of us, plus a leftover lunch the following day.

We're looking forward to ordering another PAGU meal, also Vincents (Cafe du Pays), Branch Line, and Clover Box meals soon.

Has anyone had other similar experiences worth sharing?

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