Best Borolo?


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Best Borolo?

rworange | Jul 18, 2005 03:03 PM

So I buy my first Borolo yesterday. It was ok, but I'm thinking I didn't get one of the better brands (Ciabot Berton - 1995)

Could anyone recommend some good versions of this brand, both mid-priced and extravagant? I paid thirty bucks for mine, but the wine store (usually reliable) said it tasted like it was worth more).

What foods go well with this. I'm on a diet, but one glass of wine a night is worked into the schedule. I'd like to enjoy something worthy of the calories.

I am a totally ignorant wine barbarian and it is rare that I buy anything more than $20 a bottle. In fact, this was the first bottle I've ever bought that I needed to decant.

Pretty hopeless as I asked the wine store, well, just how long do I need it to sit around? A good suggestion, IMO, was to take tiny sips over time to see how the wine changes.

I guess an involuntary snort of laughter when asked if I had a wine cellar didn't make me look to cool either. I did buy my first Reidel glass to go with the wine and maximize the experience. Man, those glasses are thin. It is like drinking out of a bubble.

Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated as I plan to diet fabulously, all wine has the same calories, so I might upscale a bit.


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